Posted On: March 23, 2011 by Breyer Law Offices

Mom Killed, 3 Killed injured in Yuma Crash

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that fatal crashes in the United States have declined from 34,172 to 30, 797 crashes from 2008 to 2009 according to Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) – Federal Highway Administration. The latest data from NHTSA also revealed that there were 45,435 vehicle types involved in fatal crashes in 2009. Passenger cars have the highest percentage of fatal crashes with 40.4 percent while light trucks came next with 39.4 percent.

In Arizona, passenger cars and light trucks have the highest number of fatal crashes. Despite the continuous decline of the number of fatal traffic accidents, fatal car accidents remain notorious as being the number one killer of people between the ages 1 to 34.

On Wednesday, a crash involving a car and a pickup truck happened in Yuma (AZ Central 03/16/11). Authorities reported that the driver of the car, a 35-year old Somerton woman died following the crash. She was accompanied by her three children when the car collided with the truck. Two of her children were flown to a Phoenix hospital to be treated while the third one as taken to a hospital in Yuma.

Meanwhile, the driver of the truck, a 35-year old Salinas man was treated and released from the hospital. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash.

Traffic related accidents often involve impaired driving, speeding, and distracted driving. About a third of the country’s car crash fatalities involved an alcohol impaired driver. Speeding on the other hand, has been a major factor in fatal vehicle crashes. It is time for us to be more responsible in following speed limits, following traffic rules, and refraining from distracted and impaired driving.

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